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Blade II

Continuing along our theme of reviewing the best vampire movies, we come to Blade, and in particular Blade II, which in our opinion, is the best film in the series that stars Wesley Snapes.

Blade 2 Opening Fight Scene

The Plot

A rare mutation has happened in the vampire community: the Reaper has been formed, which is a group of vampires so consumed with a thirst for blood that they prey on vampires AND humans. Their victims who survive later morph into the super Undead: Reapers.

The Reaper population is growing exponentially, and is wiping out even the vampires, and pretty soon there won’t be enough blood on the planet to satisfy their thirst.

Enter Blade (Wesley Snipes), Whistle and an arms expert called Scud areinvited to the Shadow Council. The council explains that they are in a fix and pleads for their assistance. Blade enters into an risky pact with The Bloodpack, a group of elite vampires led by Nyssa and Asad trained in the martial arts. Blade’s team and the Bloodpack are the last line of defence against an ever growing mass of Reapers that threaten to wipe out all vampires and humans alike.

Vampire warriors and human destroyers forge an unholy alliance to wipe out this new threat.

Marvel Superhero

Blade II based on the Marvel Comics character Blade of course. It is the sequel of the first film and was written by David S. Goyer, who also wrote the first Blade film. Wesley Snipes is the lead character and producer.

The film kicks off at a blood bank. A homeless man walks in and sits next to another homeless man (Luke Goss) with a scar. A nurse takes the2nd man into a room to donate blood, but he ends up killing his captors and reveals himself as a new breed of super vampire.

Blade (Snipes) is a half-vampire, half-human hybrid, and a merciless vampire hunter bent on killing all vampires that feed on humans. Blade has a serum that enables him to resist the urge for blood and an arsenal of impressive, deadly weapons.

If you enjoyed the first Blade film, you’ll love this one- we reckon it’s the best in the series. And if you like vampire stuff, you might like the Immortal Romance slot (here), although this is probably more targeted to fans of shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries.