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Are Vampires Real?

You know the Immortal Romance slot is all about vampires, right? The question we have is are they real? We know the blood suckers in all of the top vampire slots aren’t real, but what about the ones in real life? It’s a valid question, right?

Who doesn’t love scaring themselves silly with the myth of the vampire? After all, games like Immortal Romance slot or TV hits like True Blood are popular around the world because we day walkers simply can’t resist indulging in the fear mongering stories of bloodsuckers who prey on the living to stay alive.

Well as the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire, so is it possible that beyond the hype and the modern love affair with the undead, made beautiful and cool by the hot bods and faces on show in movies like the Twilight mega-franchise, that there’s a real community of vampires sharing our world?

Just a peek at the word “vampire” on the internet will bring up a blood-curdling set of search results, many of which you wish you hadn’t seen, but what is clear is that there are communities of people around the globe who in some way believe they are vampires or actively take part in the vampiric communities.

You don’t have to have read every Anne Rice book, cover to cover, to understand some of the interest in the idea of the modern blood sucker, rather than the idea of a Dracula figure, crouched at the foot of your bed! Eek!

On TV, the big screen, and in countless books, these creatures are seen as a complex combo of sexy, friendly, and hungry – but fundamentally lethal to human life. But you don’t need to be a hot babe like Sarah or a man of mystery like Troy in Immortal Romance slot to pique the interest in this otherworld! So what of the reports of groups of people who live a nocturnal life and who suffer low energy both psychic and physical and who use blood to boost themselves?

You don’t have to live in the romantic city of New Orleans to be a nightwalker, but it might help! So what about these modern vamps and how to they differ from the nightmarish living dead of all of our worst nightmares?

Stocking Up!

Well, apparently the community is very diverse with the most controversial people being Sanguinarians – those who drink blood. In the world of modern science you don’t need to be a genius to work out that this is a pretty risky business, think about those deadly diseases contracted through blood! And of course drawing blood isn’t exactly a skill for the untrained! But there are those sometimes referred to as “real vampires” who allegedly feel they need blood to balance and replenish them! Yikes, but don’t worry you won’t have to keep the garlic handy there are willing donors or “black swans” who kindly help these folk to get what they crave…

Styling your Way to a Nocturnal Existence

Allegedly the biggest group of modern vampires are those who are simply interested in the peculiar lifestyle that these people traditionally relate to. These dudes and dudettes commonly call themselves “vampyres” and are largely into role play, the vampiric look – including wearing fangs, and connect to this subculture – but importantly buy into vamp philosophy too.

Anyone who has read any books featuring night stalkers will remember that their everlasting youthful good looks and liberal approach to the sexier side of life- what’s not to like about this? After all, some of my best friends believe that night is where the fun is found!

But still…a psychology lecturer in the UK believes that there might be as many as 15,000 people in the UK alone who identify with the vampiric life! Now that really might be something to keep you awake at night!