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Vampire Ass Kicking

How to get one over a vampire

How to Beat a Vampires at their Own Game

We’ve all indulged in one too many late night Vampire-based slots like Immortal Romance, or watched one too many of the Blade films, and got into bed feeling a little bit scaredy cat before checking in the wardrobe or under the bed for any lurking undead …right?

Well, there’s no longer any reason to fear those night stalkers after an over indulgence in the undead, because we’ve put together a guide on how to tackle and destroy those blood suckers once and for all! Do we even need to know this? Are vampires even real? Well, we don’t know but we’d rather be prepared just in case, I don’t kow about you!


The first tool in our vampire ass-kicking kit is our old friend, nature’s pungent pal, garlic or allium sativum as the experts call it!

Garlic, has to be the most common item to hand when a vamp crisis hits- after all, you just need to get yourself into the kitchen or hit them over the head with a stick of garlic bread- right!
So why would Nosferatu fear the humble garlic, that clever bulb that is usefully both a plant and herb, and makes a pizza smell divine? It has long been assumed that it’s the good old pong of the garlic which stops a vamp in its tracks.

Garlic was used to deter biting insects and it also contains a potent natural antibiotic- no wander the vamps aren’t too keen on this plant’s beneficial properties. Even the Ancient Egyptians believed this bulb could ward off evil. The Romans used it as a key part of their survival arsenal- for water purification and some thought to help control intestinal worms- yuck!

Garlic’s reputation for turning the tables on vampires was finally made into blood sucking-mythology when Bram Stoker, the legendary author or Dracula, included garlic as a weapon against the undead, so taking this remedy into Hollywood fame for all time.

So what’s up next in our hall of vampire antidotes?


Silver is a hope to teenagers everywhere as a likely pal in a spot of sanguine trouble-after all who doesn’t have a pair of hoop earrings to keep those monsters at bay?

Well I have to admit, those supernatural girls Amber and Sarah, in the spooky plot line of the vamp-themed hit Immortal Romance, are dripping in gold, not silver, so I guess that myth has got to be true!

They are also very lucrative characters in the game with Amber able to award 10 free spins with a x5 multiplier and Sarah topping the tree with a super generous 25 free spins and she’s key to triggering the Wild Vine bonus feature- good work gals.

The idea that vamps fear silver may date back to the times of ancient Greece. Folklore has it that the Greek Goddess of the hunt, Artemis, who carried a silver bow, put a curse on a vampire who tried to steal it meaning that forevermore silver harmed the creatures.


The simple trick of drawing the curtains might not curtail your enjoyment of a great game like Immortal Romance, but it might just keep those immortal bloodsuckers away from your jugular, thanks to their terror of sunlight.

After all, what Hollywood vampire can ever best a good dose of the old vitamin D on that UV sensitive skin, or indeed those night-loving eyes? Although hunky Michael and Troy from Immortal Romance make the living dead look pretty good to me!

So why fear the sun? This particular idea comes from a very famous early German silent film about vampires called Nosferatu. In the film, the fanged one is caught out by dawn arriving just as he’s about to tuck into a maiden’s neck and so he vanishes.

Holy Water

Next up is every Holy soul’s favourite- Holy Water and of course the divine crucifix. These truly are the big guns when it comes to tackling an unwanted night stalker on your trail. That water, blessed by a priest or Bishop for baptisms, has a serious kick to it if you’re the undead.

The early church apparently acknowledged the power of Holy Water against evil doers, and it was used historically for exorcisms of evil spirits. Expect some serious burns, or indeed to be finished off, if you’re a vampire and this blessed stuff gets anywhere near you!

A Stake

A good stake, no we don’t mean those delicious hunks of beef covered in peppercorn sauce, a great big wooden piece of sharp wood, should be used to pierce a vampire’s heart and thus free the world from their wickedness. The idea in ancient times was that you could keep the vampire in its coffin if you could literally stake the beast to its last place of rest, so ridding the world of its blood-sucking ways!

So we hope you’re all feeling forewarned and better prepared for the next vampire session of game play with Immortal Romance, or a movie night vamp fest- just remember, be prepared- for anything!


  1. Honky breath is good. Eat lots of garlic and be proud of that halitosis!
  2. Head down to the nearest jewelers and stock up on the shiny stuff, but stay away from the gold and platinum, it needs to be silver all of the way.
  3. Keep your swimsuit on and head to the beach. Slap the factor 50 on and stay in that sun!
  4. Head to and order yourself a big supply of the holy water. You’ll need it!