Immortal Romance RTP%

rtp immortal romanceThe Immortal Romance slot, from Microgaming, is pretty famous for its high volatility. What do we mean by that? Well, the game can swing from being pretty tight with its payouts to going somewhat crazy.

A low variance slot, or game with low volatility, will tend to drop in winning combinations more frequently but these wins will give you a lower return on your bet.

Immortal Romance is exactly the opposite. You'll need enough budget to see you through the lean times, and you constantly play in hope that you are going to experience one of those famous purple patches where you see some of those lovely vampire bats in the Troy feauture, for instance. We are talking heavy metal bands here, because those patches can be DEEP PURPLE.

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Amber Immortal RomaceAnother interesting fact about the Immortal Romance slot is the RTP% or Return to Player percentage that is publicised by its maker: Microgaming and published on partner sites like Wombat Casino and Hippodrome. The Return to Player% is that share of the total bets that is returned to the players (not evenly we might add- in Immortal Romance a few players will win a big chunk of this money).

This 243 Ways slots with its multiple free spin features,has an RTP range rather than an absolute figure. Microgaming quote this as being between 96.01% and 96.86%. What's that about then? Most other Microgaming slots have a maximum RTP%- what's with the range?

Well, they aren't saying, but we reckon that it comes down to the 4 free spin features. Depending on what you choose (and you will need multiple entries into free spins to unlock them all), will depend on the RTP% you achieve.

Michael's 'Rolling Reels' spins will spit out more frequent, lower wins by definition as symbols drop in from above after a win (like Gonzo's Quest from NetEnt) - that means a lower volatility. Amber with her ten free spins at a 5x multiple is the most volatile. The Troy's Bats and Sarah's Wild Vine are in-between.

Generally speaking, the higher the variance, the higher the RTP- so you can start to appreciate that you need to cosy up to Amber to get the higher RTP numbers. But rememer, you run a higher risk of hitting a dry patch. Amber might well suck all the blood out of your bankroll, even though she's not officially a vampire (yet).

You decide!